World’s Leading Authorities,Customers and Practitioners of Enterprise Robotic Process Automation
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World’s Leading Authorities,Customers and Practitioners of Enterprise Robotic Process Automation

Assemble at Blue Prism World in New York and London.Conference showcases customer adoptions and latest innovations in digital transformation and software robotics driving the digital workforce of the future

-Blue Prism, developer of the world’s most successful digital workforce, today unveiled details of its two Blue Prism World events in New York on June 7th, and London on June 21st. Blue Prism World will welcome over 800 customers, partners and analysts, while featuring speakers who are the leading minds and industry visionaries of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and enterprise digital transformation.

“We’re gathering the largest and most prestigious group of first-movers, industry visionaries and RPA practitioners to demystify the digital workforce,” said Pat Geary, chief marketing officer at Blue Prism. “We are beyond imagining what the next industrial revolution will look like – RPA is already changing the way we think about work and transforming enterprises. This is the place to see and hear the most innovative and large scale use cases of deployments of Blue Prism’s enterprise scale RPA technology, which provide a robust and secure execution platform for best-of-breed AI, cognitive and digital technologies.

“I’ve been organizing customer meetings for every six months since 2009,” Geary added, “and Blue Prism World is our largest to date. We believe passionately in sharing real world customer success stories. This is the best way our customers and partners can listen, learn and share best practices while demonstrating the value and close bonds that the Blue Prism customer and partner community enjoys.”

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