Office’s may be digital,but are they paperless?
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Office’s may be digital,but are they paperless?

Digital offices still rely on paper. However, they can eliminate the need for paper entirely by adopting workflow automation

All companies are preaching digital transformation, from young tech startups to legacy financial institutions. In fact, 80% of business are trying to go digital. But one major misconception is that digital and paperless offices are one in the same.

While moving to electronic processes is the first step of digital transformation, it’s not the only component. From sharing documents to on-boarding a new hire, many businesses have easily integrated digital processes, but a vast majority still rely on paper.

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Companies in the US spend a combined total of $120 billion on printed forms annually, and each employee uses about 10,000 sheets of paper, according to CompTIA. Aside from the obvious benefits of saving money and sustainability, a paperless office runs much more efficiently and offers clearer step-by-step operations and better organisation.

Identifying the difference
Before understanding how to improve paper processes, business leaders have to understand whether their office is truly paperless or simply digital. Here are a few factors that can help decision-makers understand the difference:

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