ENEFINDER with a new Facelift!
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ENEFINDER with a new Facelift!

ENEFINDER (www.enefinder.com) completes its 5 years operations and in January 2016, we enter into a new atmosphere that is filled with more challenges and more opportunities. The last 5 years, we have seen very strong support of our Members and Viewers, with which the global membership is now 3000+ from over 50 countries, and viewership is over 700,000 from about 200 countries.

With this level of support and performance, we have dared to present you the new ENEFINDER with many changes, additions, improvements and user-friendly features. We are sure, you would love to go through these new changes. We have added a new section for ‘Industry Leaders’ Success Journey’, where the successful and progressive industry heads will share their experience and views on points of our interest for every business. It would be interesting to read through their journey so far and their opinions.

We also have added one more section that will show Top Ranking Members of ENEFINDER. The Rank of a member signifies their rating about product and service quality and level of being active in the market. This in a way, also is a reliability index calculated on many related indicators, which should give more confidence to a person to do business with them.

A couple of Layers of Membership for ENEFINDER have been added so that Members can chose to have suitable option suitable to their activities. Similarly, sequence of products displayed in search results on relevant pages is also decided based on completeness and reliability of information. This also can be found more convenient for buyers for sourcing.

For those Members, who wish to publish their technical or management articles, they now can share these articles to their other network, outside of ENEFINDER. This should enable more knowledge-sharing of the related subjects/discussions.

We also are now giving options in hands of Members to select (or to de-select) any alerts / notifications for the topics of their interest.

All these will be available from January 2016 onwards. There are some more features under development and those will be available as and when they are ready. We are sure; these features will add more utility to use ENEFINDER for all our Members.

We invite you to visit ENEFINDER and feel the new experience of above changes!

Any feedback and suggestions are most welcome.

ENEFINDER: Online Directory for Electrical, Electronics & Automation

ENEFINDER (www.enefinder.com) is India's first for Industrial Electrical and Electronics Products, Components and Services. ENEFINDER is a unique global for products, services from industrial electrical, electronic and automation fields. It is a world marketplace for promotion & branding of products, components and services in Power and Energy sectors.

ENEFINDERgives the details of , manufacturers of electrical and electronic products, at one place. ENEFINDER also provides a knowledge and resource base for professionals to utilize for their product research and design work. Some of the resources at reach are technical articles, product videos, important links of related service providers and interactive forum.

ENEFINDER is also an excellent medium for promoting products through aggressive marketing and advertising options. One can launch his new products globally from enefinder, can upload product videos, technical articles and also job requirements.

At the same time ENEFINDER is a very good place for from around the world.

ENEFINDER has a special section for dealers, distributors and traders, as these business categories have a very important role in the business.

ENEFINDERhas been designed and developed by (www.enefinder.net), Pune, India and launched in January 2010. VITSPL is part of companies(www.vasudhagroup.com) focusing in the business of various IT based solutions to industry. The Promoters and Directors are having sufficient experience in this field and have plans to bring in many more similar products in coming future.

Benefits and Advantages

  • pointThe advantage of listing a company in Enefinder is that the company enjoys exposure     into its existing products and new products
  • pointThe directory gives you the choice of choosing product based on desired     specifications in the listed companies
  • pointThe directory listings are focused on Electronics, Electrical and Automation     Companies; which gives a distinction of being a specialized directory or database of     companies into electrical, electronics and automation industries.
  • pointAbility to find associated business services providers from the same industry.

ENEFINDER Membership

Membership to enefinder.com is free. Membership can also be upgraded for more benefits. From enefinder home page, one can Register for free and become a member. A confirmation email will arrive on his given email address, which after activating, he can log in as a member and avail the benefits. As a free member, he can –

  • pointUpload his products with photographs and brief information
  • pointUpload his vacancies/job requirements
  • pointUpload his RFQs and buying requirements
  • pointUpload any technical papers
  • pointSurf through website and contact other suppliers for any product/services
  • pointCan get information on happenings in the related field around the world.

Advertising Opportunities

For Additional features which are on payment, member can glance through the Advertising Options on home page. Important among them are:

          pointYour company profile page linked to your logo/banner

         pointYour logo on product page near your company name

         pointProduct Video upload

         pointNew Product launch world-wide

         pointNew Email Account

         pointYour website in enefinder

         pointScrolling message display